On 12 November we will be taking part in Housing Day, a national Twitter campaign to celebrate the positive impact social housing has on people’s lives. Tell us your stories!

We will join thousands of people across the country to share success stories from residents - much like our recent event with New Charter - EVERYDAY HEROES.

Housing companies, employees and hopefully lots of residents will all get involved in the day and if you’d like to take part, you can follow #HousingDay or @HousingDay on Twitter to keep up with all the news. 

If you've done some great work in the community or been involved in a project that’s helped to improve your neighbourhood, why not join in and tell us all about it? We’d love to hear your stories and the more people that get involved, the more we can help to raise awareness of the great work that you do in our communities.

Please tag us in your stories @NewCharterGroup and @rxtheatre so we can help to spread the word.

Check out our EVERYDAY HEROES News Article here.