Feel the rhythm of their words and stories alongside a backdrop of music. Feel how their words dance together to reveal truths of rawness, harmony and unity.

It is the Manchester-based queer and powerhouse activist Chloe Cousins that inspires DJ Rebecca Swarray. This honest exploration delves deep into topics such as activism, Chloe's role in Rainbow Noir, identity and her love of music and dancing. Wrapped around the music of her childhood and adulthood and drawing on interviews with the women who have inspired her, including Audre Lorde and Jackie Kay, this is a candid conversation between two women of colour. In this audio experience Rebecca creates the space for Chloe to tell her story in a way that is true to her and most importantly in a way that is as vibrant and joyful as she really is.

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Rebecca Swarray is curator, founder and resident DJ Mix-Stress of the Manchester-based arts and events collective, RebeccaNeverBecky. The collective curate and hold many events which specifically platform womxn, QTIPOC, BAME and LGBT+ performers, artists, creatives and DJs. Creating a wide range of paid opportunities to showcase and spotlight talent and creativity.

Twitter: @RebNeverBecky | Instagram: @Rebecca.Never.Becky | Facebook: @RebeccaNeverBecky


OH WOMAN! is a celebration of remarkable lives and quiet triumphs, of famous faces and family members, and will be shared across the theatre’s website and social media channels from Monday 8 March – Wednesday 31 March.

Artwork by Illustrator Hannah McLennan-Jones

Featuring Rebecca Swarray & Chloe Cousins
And excerpts from Jackie Kay, Judith Butler & Audre Lorde

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