Tameside Creative Community (CIC) are looking for a Tameside based Community Engagement Producer to connect, coordinate and oversee interviews and workshops with the Tameside Community.

Tameside Creative Community (CIC) want to run workshops and interviews with residents to gather material that will then be shaped into a piece of theatre and showcased in a performance in the Autumn in Tameside. We are looking for someone to oversee the first phase of this project; coordinating and running group interviews with the Tameside Community. We want to gather anecdotes, stories and personal experiences of being a resident in Tameside.

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  • Map out which groups we engage with to ensure we have an even geographical spread of engagement across Tameside.
  • Set up 10 interview sessions with groups across April and May 2021
  • Ensure the groups, we engage with are representative of the communities across Tameside.
  • Start conversations and connections with groups and gatekeepers to the community about the project.
  • Coordinate and run interviews and workshops with the support of the Tameside Ambassadors.
  • Organise an online storage system for all material gathered in interviews and through a call out on social media.


  • Good connections and links to networks across Tameside
  • Someone based in Tameside
  • Strong communication skills
  • Strong collaberation skills
  • Co-creation working skills
  • Experience of working with communities and a wide range of people
  • Experience leading group sessions

About Tameside Creative Community 

Tameside Creative Community (CIC) is made up of local Tameside residents brought together as Tameside Ambassadors for the Royal Exchange Theatre’s Local Exchange programme. They worked alongside the Royal Exchange to bring The Den to Stalybridge in August 2019, a two-week pop-up theatre festival. They are now working together as company to continue to give a platform for local voices and celebrate Tameside with the creation of a performance project called 24 Hours in Tameside, which will result in a performance festival in Autumn 2021.

Project Schedule

Applications open: Tuesday 9 March

Closing date: 10am, Thursday 25 March

Interview date: Wednesday 31 March

Start date: Tuesday 6 April


Fee £2,250

15 days across April and May 2021

Engage with and organise 10 group interviews to take place over April and May 

To apply 

Written application (250 words on each answer), filmed application, or voice recording.

Email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you have any access requirements and/or face any barriers in applying, please let us know. Please also let us know if you also have any access requirements whilst working.

  • A bit about yourself 
  • Tell us about your experience working with communities
  • Tell us what three questions you have about Tameside to engage the community