We want to give you the most complete information we can about our shows, to ensure you have the best experience you can at the Royal Exchange.

For all of our produced work, we will share on this page information about the themes and the known potential triggers in the production as early as possible.

However, because our shows are new productions made specially for audiences in Manchester, we only finalise all the content and technical elements of the production, including lighting and sound effects, during the final week of rehearsals.

Below are all the currently known triggers for the upcoming season. Please check back close to the opening for each show for an update list of potential triggers.

If you have any concerns please call Box Office on 0161 833 9833 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • This production contains:

    Strobe lighting

    Flashing lights



    Knife violence

    Latex balloons

    Loud sound effects

    On-stage violence and stage blood


    Scenes of murder, suicide, infanticide and warfare

  • This production involves themes of addiction, death, grief and suicide.

    It contains strong language, as well as cigarette smoke.

  • This production is likely to include flashing lights, theatrical haze and smoke, loud music and cigarette smoke.

  • This production involves themes of female genital mutilation, descriptions of violence and strong language.

    It may involve flashing lights and haze.

    Each performance will be creatively captioned and audio described.

  • This production includes themes of violence and abusive behaviour.

    It will include very strong language and scenes of violence and animal cruelty (no live animals are involved in the production).

    It may include flashing lights, theatrical haze and smoke, loud music and cigarette smoke.