On 29th October, Sarah Butler worked with 9 members of the elders company to creatively explore the language used about age and ageing.

We began by collecting words associated with ageing, categorised these as positive, neutral or negative, and used them as a starting point to create poems. Here are just four of the great poems written during the workshop.
Sarah Butler


To have time,
To feel liberated to enjoy the days I have left,
To do selfish things and not count the cost,
To ride on a train for nowt,
To say bugger it, I’ll do it.


The Freedom of a Pensioner

This freedom I feel is so new to me
I’ve never know the like,
Now, if someone tries to push me around
I say, ‘Hey you! On your bike’
I do what I want, I say what I feel,
I never follow the rules
Cos now that I am a pensioner
I don’t have to suffer fools.



[based on a conversation overheard on a tram]

Who is the tolerant one?
Who is the intolerant?

Who is the scrounger?
Who is the worker?

Her attitude angered me
But my anger came from her.

She thinks she is hard done by
She thinks I have a free ride.

She thinks and says she is the worker, the builder.
I feel she is the destroyer

The destroyer of humanity
Compassion, manners, understanding.



What comes to mind?
Old and infirm.
But a person.
A person with a past.
A person with needs.
Feeling afraid.
Feeling worthless.
Feeling sorrow.
In pain.
Rejected. Neglected.
Do we care?