The Visitor Experience Department is responsible for the presentation of the Company and the building to audiences and ensuring a high standard of visitor experience. The building must be kept clean, safe and secure for the public and staff who use it.

The Head of Operations & Visitor Experience, along with the Visitor Experience Manager are responsible for the welfare of the public, the staffing and rota of the Ushers, Security, Stage Door Reception and Cleaners, lost property and ordering first aid supplies. All activity in the Great Hall is controlled by the Head of Operations & Visitor Experience who also deals with all required licences and ensures that the Theatre is adequately staffed with trained first aiders.

The Visitor Experience Team also includes Stage Door Reception, Security and Ushers (including some volunteer ushers) who assist audiences and customers before and during performances, sell programmes and interval refreshments. As part of the show Technical Ushers operate the Theatre doors when necessary.

During performances the Visitor Experience Manager or Duty Manager supervises the Ushers and deals with any challenges or issues that arise with audiences. Close liaison with Stage Management is vital in order that each performance runs smoothly.