Times have changed for women in some ways since the 1800s and yet her beautiful words, her anger and her fatigue feel just as poignant today.

Elizabeth Siddal (1829-1862) was a poet and a painter, often talked about in relation to Dante Rossetti, her lover, or the Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood, many of whom she modelled for. Historically men have assigned her image to their paintings, her face to characters from other men’s stories. She has been Ophelia, Viola, Sabra, Beatrix, but in IN HER OWN WORDS sound and song are sculpted with Lizzie at the centre. This time she doesn’t have to be ethereal and vacant, she can be angry and ugly and tired. A muse for a modern woman, on her own terms.

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Becky Wilkie is a Manchester-based musician, composer, songwriter and performer and one third of feminist theatre company RashDash. She also tours as a session musician and writes music for documentaries, films and other theatre projects. ‘Don’t Go Back To Sleep: The Lockdown Album’ is her most recent release.

Twitter: @RashDashTheatre | Instagram: @RashDashTheatre


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Artwork by Illustrator Hannah McLennan-Jones

Featuring Becky's Daughter

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