Pre-show, talk-based introductions to each play and production.

SchoolsBehindTheScenesArticleLed from the stage by the Participation and Learning team, attendees will meet actors and members of the creative team and learn all about the process of bringing the play to the stage. These sessions are suitable for groups, schools and individual audience members and accommodate up to 100 people.

"For many students this was their first visit to the Royal Exchange, and for some students this was the first professional theatre performance they have seen...the chance to attend a workshop and then watch a live performance will really help bring the students’ learning to life and engage them in Shakespeare's work.”

"Interesting, and often revelatory, so I now deliberately pick my ticket for the same day whenever I can"

"thank you on behalf of our group for an excellent pre-show workshop today, it was really interesting and provided such a good introduction to the production itself."


Age suitability as for each individual play.
All sessions take place in the theatre space where the show is being staged. 
Please note that practical group work is dependent on the size of the parties attending.

The Arts Pot scheme can provide financial assistance for course and/or travel costs, this is to make sure that everyone can access our programme and that cost is not a barrier to taking part with us. If you would like to enquire about financial support please reserve your place at the Box Office then click here to download the Arts Pot form.