The Lighting (LX) team works closely with the Lighting Designer to make the plan for each production a reality. Lighting Technicians do a variety of jobs from creating special lighting effects to making sure that all the lanterns are safe and working correctly. A Lighting Operator works the lights during the show.

Lighting is used not only to illuminate the stage, but also to create a particular mood. Think how different colours and strengths of light make you feel. During the summer months when the light is bright and yellow, we tend to feel happier and safer, dull grey lighting dampens our spirits, while blue or stark white light can make us feel uncomfortable.

Every production has a Lighting Designer. Their job is to decide what the lights in a show will look like. To do this, they will have lots of meetings with the director and attend rehearsals of the play to build up a mental picture of what style and atmosphere the production needs. They will produce a technical plan on a computer showing how all the lights should be positioned to achieve this atmosphere.

Fantastic Facts

  • As many as 300 lanterns may be used to light any one show
  • The LX department has around 600 lights, 4 computerised lighting boards, 12 roving lights, 30 colour changes, radio controlled equipment, special effects, computers, miles of cable, a kettle but no toaster!