Workshops for Sound Designers or MC/Grime/Poet

Talawa Theatre Company is building a community of Black theatre artists in collaboration with Royal Exchange Theatre and Sustained Theatre Up North, called MAKE.

We're running two workshops: one for Sound Designers/Producers, exploring the dynamic of sound for theatre with Conrad Kira and Pablo Eyes; another for MC/Grime/Poets, exploring writing for theatre with Garfield Allen and David Judge. 

You may not think your art form has a place in theatre, but we are offering a workshop in which your creativity, experimentation and collaboration could become a piece of performance for the stage.

This is an opportunity for young Black theatre artists (aged 16 - 25) to experiment and grow your art from into other disciplines.

Workshops on 16 Sep 2017

These are taster workshops and will take place on 16th September with two-time slots at 12pm-3pm OR 4pm-7pm for each type of workshop.

Call to book yourself into either 12-3pm session or 4-7pm session; and clarify that you wish to attend either Sound Designers Workshop or MC/Grime/Poets Workshop.

Full Day Collaboration on 23 Sep 2017

On the 23rd September, there will be a full day collaboration between all participants from Sound and Word Workshops from 12 - 7pm. This is an extended workshop for anyone who enjoyed the taster sessions and want to experiment further.

All sessions will be taking place at STUN - Z-Arts Centre, 335 Stretford Road, M15 5ZA Manchester

This event is open to all Black Artists (aged 16 - 25) in the North West and is completely FREE!

To register your place simple call box office at Z-Arts -  0161 232 6089