Playing at the Royal Exchange Studio, before touring the work to the Irish World Heritage Centre in Cheetham Hill and Skylights Circus Arts in Rochdale

Watch a short film about MOMENTS THAT CHANGED OUR WORLD here

Also, writer Sarah Butler, who leads Elders Investigate and performer Jacquie have both creatively responded to production with poems (below).


We move between the strings
Beneath the light bulbs
Project ourselves outwards, inwards
Backwards, forwards,
Finding the lines between here
and there, now and then.
And how can you tell, anyway
Where to stop?
Which of these moments to choose?
Which year, which action, which phone call,
Which demo, which person, which question,
Which journey, which connection?
Because they all have weight
Here in the now
Between the strings
Beneath the light bulbs
In the space we have drawn with our words.

Sarah Butler

The clock ticks as we play with time.
Sending ripples of information through invisible webs.
Connections made.
Colliding tears with laughter, love and friendship
Hands reach out to touch and link.
We complete our circle.
A heart beats in the stillness of a moment.
We are sharing pieces of ourselves.
We are living...

The young smile at the surprise of our histories,
Leaning forward, listening intently.
Recognising lives lived.
They have moments yet to come.
Their hands reach out to touch and link with ours.
We complete the circle
As the clock ticks.

Jacquie Long