A unique opportunity for aspiring directors, theatre-makers and facilitators based in Greater Manchester.

“We are really excited to create an opportunity for theatre-makers in Greater Manchester to experience all the elements of creating a production and gain a greater understanding of the various processes and creative collaborations that bring work to our audiences."

Sarah Frankcom, Artistic Director

As part of our ongoing commitment to nurture, support and inspire local theatre-makers, the Royal Exchange Theatre are able to offer directors based in Greater Manchester the opportunity to observe the journey of a production through rehearsals with our Observer Mondays Scheme.

Within the creative and supportive environment of this major producing theatre, selected participants will be assigned to a production of their choice and invited to observe rehearsals every Monday from the first day through to Press Night. They will receive mentoring from one of our Associate Artistic Director, tickets to see the production and a one-to-one meeting with the director of the production.

The times of the rehearsal will be dictated by the director and may vary. You should expect to be in attendance approximately between 9am – 6pm.

PERSUASION image Johan Persson

"It provided for me, as an aspiring director, a view which isn’t really given. Simply being in a rehearsal room and just watching - watching how a piece is developed at a professional level. This is something that, at an early stage, directors tend to just guess and simply plough through. With Observer Monday’s week-by-week you gain more insight and really go on a journey with the cast and crew. The scheme provided by the Royal Exchange is a necessary step to understand the inner workings of productions and how a finished product is achieved. If you have any interest in theatre production particularly how a director works, this is a scheme to be involved in."

Monique Touko Observer Mondays Director on The Rolling Stone.

Applications for this season have now closed and we are delighted to be welcoming Observer Directors on the following Autumn/Winter 2017/18 Season Productions:

Parliament Square


Black Men Walking

The Almighty Sometimes

In addition,




Each Observer will be writing a weekly blog on this page to share their learning from the experience.

The next round of applications for Observer Mondays for Spring/Summer Season will be announced in December 2018. To stay updated, please join the Open Exchange.

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