The Participation and Learning team leads the Theatre's diverse programme of participation and learning activities, events, projects and resources for individuals and groups of all ages and experiences. This work engages over 4,000 people each year.

The team work with participants and partners on theatre projects which are inspired by the building and the professional work that takes place both behind the scenes and on stage. Many Discover projects and activities engage with individuals and groups from some of the most deprived areas in the UK and also with groups from a wide variety of cultures and backgrounds who might otherwise not access theatre.

The underpinning priorities for the Participation and Learning programme are:

  • To engage people of all ages, backgrounds, circumstances and abilities, with professional theatre and participative theatre-making.
  • To develop dynamic, high quality, artistically adventurous work.
  • To provide an inspiring programme of training and skills development.

The Participation and Learning team is currently a team of 8, led by Amanda Dalton as Associate Director (Participation and Learning) and as well as a Participation and Learning Producer, Participation and Learning Manager, Community Programme Leader, Young People’s Programme Leader, Schools’ Programme Leader, Participation and Learning Administrative Assistant and the Truth about Youth Programme Leader (to deliver TRUTH ABOUT YOUTH, our major five year partnership with The Co-operative Foundation). The department also employs an average of 110 artists and actors each year on a freelance basis.

The delivery of the Discover programme is supported by the Theatre’s production and marketing departments, stage management teams, artistic director, producers, writers, designers and composers who regularly take part in leading projects, events and workshops.