The Props & Settings Department are based in our Workshop, at our satellite unit at Swan Street. The workshop contains specialist areas for different kinds of work including carpentry, welding, scene painting and upholstery.

Working closely with the show designer, the Props & Settings team make all of the props and pieces of set that can’t be bought, hired or found. At the Royal Exchange, because the audience is so close to the stage, sets and props must be completely three dimensional, realistic and finished to a very high standard.

Fantastic Facts:

- Our PVA glue comes in 25 litre drums and on A Midsummer Nights Dream we used 125 drums
- We use over 72,000 screws a year
- Some upholstery fabrics cost over £60 per metre and some paints £50 a pot
- There is 125 years of combined experience in the department
- The average weight of one of the floors we lay in the theatre is the same as 75 primary schoolchildren and it has to be moved from the workshop to the theatre and carried in
- Large pieces of scenery can be flown it at the push of a button
- These day we make more scenery from steel than wood because not only is it stronger and lighter but it is now cheaper too