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Our theatre space is very unique and may be unlike any other theatre your students have been to before. The Royal Exchange seating is in the round and you are never more than 9 meters from the actors which means that watching a production can be a very immersive experience. This also means that audience members and actors are close to each other and if you can see them, they can see you!  

We have therefore created a few top tips for watching a show at the Royal Exchange:  

1. We ask that mobile phones and electronic devices are turned off completely. Buzzing and bright screens can be a distraction to the actors and other audience members as well as ringing!  

2. Members of the audience should remain quiet during a production. It’s great to see students enjoying themselves, but please keep in mind that people have paid to listen to the actors, not the audience, so save comments and discussions to after the show.  

3. Writing notes should be saved until the interval or the end of the show as this can sometimes distract other patrons.  

4. Hot or smelly food whilst very tempting is also a distraction. Please don’t bring warm or fast-food into the auditorium. Sweets, chocolate and ice-cream are fine as well as drinks that aren’t in glass bottles.  

5. It is important that teachers sit with their students for the duration of the performance to ensure behaviour is monitored.  

6. Finally, enjoy the show! If you have any questions or feedback, we’d love to hear from you.