As part of the World Premiere of SCUTTLERS, we worked with a community ensemble of 30 boys, girls and adults to create the production


"So this is Scuttlers" the first thing said to the whole of the ensemble at our very first rehearsal by our choreographer Eddie Kay. This was followed by our director, Wils Wilson, giving the cast a brief introduction on what to expect from the rehearsal process as a whole (a very physical affair!)

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Since the last entry things have really picked up and we are all loving every minute. Everyone is comfortable around eah other now (helped massively by running the gauntlet of weird dancing), which helps when we have to be horrivle to each other and that happens more often than you would think because of the pleasant nature of the play.

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"The community ensemble will be working with SCUTTLERS director Wils Wilson and choreographer Eddie Kay to develop a physical language that will be used in the production. After just their first session on Sunday, they were looking very impressive.

The community ensemble is an opportunity for us to explore how we seamlessly mix non-professional and professional actors on our main stage and also offers a great training opportunity for the participants." 
Chris Wright, Producer (Creative Industry Experience)