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In 2019 10 women began a 12-week front of house training programme with staff from the Royal Exchange Theatre and Jigsaw Homes Engagement Team.

Jigsaw Homes recruited the women through Tameside Women and Families Centre, the Jobcentre and other support services in the Dukinfield and Ashton area.

The project was led by a facilitator and front of house manager from the Royal Exchange and supported by a Tameside Ambassador and Jigsaw Homes tenant.

The women learnt teamwork, communication, and customer service skills as well as increasing their confidence, self-esteem and wellbeing. Jigsaw Homes accredited the project through the delivery of a Teamwork Qualification.

7 women completed the project which saw the group operating the front of house for the Den in Stalybridge. 2 of the women plus the assistant have now gone on to gain employment as Technical ushers at the theatre.

“I’m proud of myself for how far I have come, and the journey has been amazing, I have loved every little bit of it.” Project Participant

“I wouldn’t leave Tameside; I was stuck in a rut. I actually visit Manchester now which I wouldn’t do because I had such a big fear of Manchester and terrorism and all the hype and because it is so busy and now I’ve even taken my family members in to Manchester…Even my husband has said “I’ve got my wife back”. I’m just so proud, and it just shows no matter what’s gone on in your life, no matter how down you’re feeling, get some help, leave the house, break the stigma – you can do it” Project Participant

"As part of Jigsaw Homes Neighbourhood Engagement Team supporting people back into education and training is a priority for us in line with meeting the aims and objectives of our Neighbourhood Plans. With high unemployment levels locally compared the national average, creating opportunities to increase employability and opportunities to learn is a must. We are always looking to build on our employment and skills provision by partnership working, skill sharing and peer learning. This project working with the Royal Exchange Theatre and the participants from the Tameside Women’s and Families Centre was a ‘resounding success’ and provided a pathway for job opportunities within the theatre and created an enabling positive learning environment for the women to succeed and enjoy together." John McGlynn, Neighbourhood Engagement Officer - Jigsaw Homes Group

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In Summer 2019, Tameside based artist/writer Hafsah Bashir began CAV MILL WRITES. The project was developed to bring residents of the apartment block together and connect with each other.

It began when Hafsah posted brightly coloured envelopes through the doors of each flat. The letter was an invitation to meet the artist and to meet each other – it also included poetry and quotes and was the first step in connecting residents.

Over 90 residents responded and across three days met with Hafash to share ideas and thoughts. From this she developed a poem using their words and conversations which was projected onto the side of the Mill for 3 month.

It was launched with a Christmas get together of food, songs and a reading of the poem.

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From November 2019 to February 2020, Jigsaw Homes funded a 12-week sewing and costume project with women at Holy Trinity Church & Community Centre (HTCCC) in Ashton.

15 women worked with members of the Royal Exchange Theatre’s wardrobe team to develop their sewing skills and learning about the process of costume design and making for the stage.

This included sessions in our wardrobe department and at the Swan Street Costume Hire, helping to open up the theatre to new people and share what goes on behind the scenes to make our productions. The group have been working on the costumes for Wuthering Heights, attending a design meeting, creating their own designs and learning new sewing techniques and period styles.

Lucy Woodcock from the Wardrobe department has led the project:

“I have thoroughly enjoy working on this project. It's been a pleasure to work with such lovely people. I really hope the ladies have found it as enjoyable as I have and have learnt new skills for the future”

Carl Kelsall HTCCC Centre and Project Manager:

"The project has been one of the highlights of the year for the women at Holy trinity Centre. The group have had an amazing time developing new skills interests and friendships, for some this has been their first theatre experience I have witnessed their enthusiasm and skills grow and development on a weekly basis. Friendships have been formed from a diverse group of people from many different cultures and backgrounds and it just goes to show that if we bring people together around a mutual interest we have far more in common than that that divides us".

Project participants:

“I loved all the different opportunities to learn and get to know people - women who I would not usually meet - so it was worth every minute.”

“I really enjoyed it and always looked forward to coming to these sessions. I enjoyed working with the group which was really worth the experience, I learnt a lot from it and would want to take part in these kind of projects in future too.”

“I feel that I have learnt so many techniques. I feel it has bought us all close together by supporting each other”

“Excellent, once in a lifetime unique opportunity. It was a privilege to be a part of it.”

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Since Christmas 2018 we have been working with residents of Dukinfield. Activities have included:

• Creating a Christmas Message for Dukinfield and creating a family Christmas get together in December 2018

• In Summer 2019 residents and volunteers cleaned up and replanted the community allotment with Plungebloom creating children’s performances and meeting residents with their vegetable nannies.

• A group of residents created a Dukinfield Story which was performed in the Den in Stalybridge in August 2019 – creating a live map of the area and bringing the stories and people of ‘Duki’ to life.

We set up a mobile box office in the Pantry with patrons and volunteers attending shows including The Producers and Gypsy. The Pantry provides much-needed food and household goods to people who find themselves in need in the area. In 2020 we are now working with volunteers and patrons of The Pantry to develop a weekly drop-in arts session and café with artist Sam Edwards.

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