We've been asking audiences 'What do you want from theatre and what does theatre mean to you?'

As part of You, The Audience (a giant conversation with everyone who has ever been part of the Royal Exchange Theatre's audience - participants, spectators and collaborators) we have been working with artists to capture ideas, passions, memories, dreams and demands and created from them an intimate installation, The Listening Exchange.

For our 40th anniversary year The Listening Exchange will be in residence in the Great Hall, celebrating, sharing and inviting you to add to the voices of theatre audiences across the generations. It's a unique archive, a call to arms and a powerful collective statement about the place of theatre in our 21st century lives. During Autumn/Winter 2017, the Listening Exchange will be on the road visiting communities, inviting residents to take part.

Why not drop in?

Visit when the building is open, before the show or after the show.

Audience Manifesto

Over the past 18 months we have been collecting your contributions to an Audience Manifesto for the Royal Exchange and beyond. The statements represent the most popular sentiments you have shared with us and formed our published Audience Manifesto.

View the Audience Manifesto