SOPHIE was a point of strength for so many in the Queer and Trans community; she was quite simply an icon.

Trigger Warning: This is a tribute to music producer SOPHIE who tragically died recently.

SOPHIE, an incomparable avant-garde pop music producer. Her creative collaborations were far-reaching, including Arca, Rihanna, Kim Petras, Madonna and Charli XCX. TRANSGRESSIVE celebrates SOPHIE’s life, extraordinary creativity and other revolutionary trans musicians such as Wendy Carlos and Jackie Shane.

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Eliyana Evans is a Sound Designer, Composer and artist known as Eliyana.

Twitter: @EliyanaEvans | Instagram: @elevabs


Please note: This piece is binaural so for the best experience, it needs to be listened to through headphones.



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Artwork by Illustrator Hannah McLennan-Jones

Performed by Eliyana Evans

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