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A tale of northern life in 1960s Britain captures a country on the edge of seismic change.

  • By Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall
  • 13 June 2014 - 12 July 2014
  • The Theatre

“Billy Liar is a hilarious and sometimes painfully truthful insight into a northern family. Keith Waterhouse's seminal work about a working-class lad with dull surroundings but a fantastic imagination launched the careers of Albert Finney on stage and Tom Courtenay on screen.”  Sam Yates, Director

Billy Fisher is a 19 year-old nobody. He lives at home and has a dead-end job. He’s going somewhere only in his imagination – which he’s furnished with an elaborate fantasy world, from which lie after lie spills forth. Yet while the northern lad harbours dreams of running away to London, Billy’s plans are threatened by missing stationery and pocketed postage money, hoodwinked fiancées and, in the end, his own indecisiveness.

Keith Waterhouse’s tale of northern life in 1960s Britain captures a country on the edge of seismic change. It is a place of possibility, where for the first time young people could create a life different from that of their parents.

BILLY LIAR is a 1959 novel by Keith Waterhouse, which was later adapted into a play, a film, a musical and a TV series. The work has also inspired and featured in a number of popular songs.

  • Event Information
  • VENUE: The Theatre

    PERFORMANCE DATES: 13 June - 12 July 2014

    PERFORMANCE TIMES: Monday – Friday evenings: 7:30pm / Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday matinees: 2:30pm / Saturdays: 3:30pm and 8:00pm

    TICKET PRICES: Standard tickets from £14.50 / Half Price Previews from £7.25 / Banquette tickets: £10

    BOOK TICKETS: Box Office: 0161 833 9833 / online


  • Creative Team
  • DIRECTOR Sam Yates
    DESIGNER David Woodhead
    LIGHTING David Plater
    SOUND DESIGNER Isobel Waller-Bridge
    CASTING DIRECTOR Sophie Parrott
    ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Alexander Summers

  • Related Events
  • AFTER SHOW DISCUSSION: Thursday 3 July, after 7:30pm performance

    BACKSTAGE TOUR: Wednesday 18 June, 11am. £5 (including refreshments). Book on 0161 833 9833

    DISCOVER... Between the Lines: 
    Play-reading and discussion group. For everyone over 18. Come along and read, discuss or just listen. Wednesday 2 July, 11am - 1pm. Tickets £6. Book on 0161 833 9833

    DISCOVER... Behind the Scenes: 
    Pre-show introduction to the play and production. For all ages. Tuesday 24 June, 10am-12pm. Tickets £6/£4 concessions. Book on 0161 615 6702

  • Accessible Performances
  • AUDIO DESCRIBED PERFORMANCE: Saturday 5 July, 3.30pm

    BSL INTERPRETED PERFORMANCE: Tuesday 8 July, 7:30pm

    CAPTIONED PERFORMANCE: Thursday 3 July, 7:30m

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    Aaron Anthony


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