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Breaking The Code - Walking Tours

  • 17 November 2016 - 19 November 2016
  • On Tour / External

Alan was many things to many people: a scientist and mathematician, a war hero and a gay man.

After creating a machine that cracked the German Enigma code and won Britain the war, Turing arrived in Manchester with an even bigger task in mind – the development of the modern computer. It would be a task he left unfinished, publically humiliated and destroyed by the revelation of his sexuality and prosecution for indecency.

In this tour, we'll be exploring Alan's Manchester, to understand how Alan became a modern martyr.

  • Event Information
    Thursday 3 November - 11am - 1pm
    Saturday 5 November - 3 - 5pm
    Thursday 17 November - 11am - 1pm
    Saturday 19 November - 3 - 5pm

    BOOK TICKETS: Box Office 0161 833 9833 or online
    RUNNING TIME: 2 hours
    VENUE: Outside the Dancehouse (Oxford Road), finishing at Sackville Gardens

    The tours run in all weather - come prepared!
    Dogs and children welcome

  • Accessible Performances
  • The tour is entirely wheelchair accessible.

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