Part of Co:LAB Festival 2019. Created by the Royal Exchange Theatre's Open Exchange.


  • 21 June 2019
  • The Studio

This is about grieving for people who are still alive.

When did you last miss me?

My birthday?


Mother’s Day? This is about grieving for people who are still alive. 

Someone who is here is in body but not in spirit - maybe someone who chose to leave? or someone suffering from mental illness or addiction?

What do you call that? Where is it’s place?

Stand and be enveloped in a live electronic score and exhilarating live video DJing in an audio-visual experience  through the seven stages of grief, with you stood at the heart of it.

More rave than installation, more soulful than cerebral and something more than “I miss you”. 

Content Warnings: Please see "Event Information"

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  • Event Information
  • VENUE: The Studio

    PERFORMANCE DATE & TIME: Friday 21 June, 8.30pm

    TICKETS: All Co:LAB shows are Pay What You Decide. 

    Pay What You Decide not only allows you to pay what you can afford, rather than a fixed ticket price, but also removes the financial risk of buying a ticket for a show in advance without knowing whether you are going to enjoy it or not. Tickets will be free and available to book in advance as usual. There is no obligation for you to pay until after you have seen the show.

    You can then decide on a price which you think is suitable based on your experience and pay cash on the door.

    Please ensure you have arrived and collected your tickets 15 minutes before the show starts in order to secure your seats.

    BOOK NOW: Online or via the Box Office on 0161 833 9833

    CONTENT WARNINGS: Contains themes of grieve, death and mourning. For more information please contact  grace.ng-ralph@royalexchange.co.uk  and we can answer any queries case by case. 

  • Creative Team
  • CREATED BY: SHAR X Conan The Librarian

    PERFORMER: Charlotte Barber

    PERFORMER: Ryan Gilmartin

    DRAMATURGY: James Monaghan

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