Hush? the journey of a voice

  • 17 June 2016
  • The Great Hall

Hush.....? is an exciting new music piece, exploring gender identity through voice, inspired by the voices of trans gender people.

This new selection of songs, all about voice, is written by award winning playwright, Alex Bulmer, with music from well-known composer Errollyn Wallen.

“It’s  all about voice – how it defines us, how our voices express our gender identity, our sense of self, and how we are or are not heard. We’ve been talking to transgender men and women, their families and the medical teams who work with them on voice.  Out of this research, we are creating a series of songs that tell the journey of a voice.”

Hush....? will be performed by Tristan Whiston, award winning Canadian singer and perfomer, with support from members of the celebrated Manchester Lesbian and Gay Chorus.

You can catch the performances in June at Blackpool Pride and London International Festival of Theatre and in July in Accrington and Manchester, June/July 2016.

  • Event Information
  • VENUE: The Great Hall

    PERFORMANCE DATE & TIMES: Friday 17 June, 6pm - 7pm

    TICKETS: Free and unreserved

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