Part of Co:LAB Festival


  • by YESYESNONO and Conan the Librarian
  • 22 July 2017
  • The Studio

Sam’s reading into magpies. He thinks he sees the future.

There are no homosexuals in Chechnya. They’ve all gone to Bolton and taken all our jobs. Kids are bringing guns to American schools except they’re not really, they’re selling WMDs to Saddam Hussein. Brexit means breakfast means a tasty bowl of American Carnage to start your day right with three kids one wife one dog one house (or two). Mum says GET IN THE BUNKER because North Korea’s got nuclear nuclear families

And every time she mentions anyone she’s ever kissed Sam has a panic attack.

A show about fictions. The fictions we tell ourselves. The fictions we impose on others.

A show about one person and everyone and nobody at all.

YESYESNONO makes work concerned with discovering what democratic artistic endeavours can look like. Following their hit show 5 Encounters on a Site Called Craigslist, YESYESNONO collaborates with video artist Conan the Librarian on a brand new piece of work: [insert slogan here]

[insert slogan here] is being scratched for the first time as part of Co:LAB Festival 2017.


The Open Exchange has been generously supported by The Leche Trust and the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation

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  • VENUE: The Studio

    PERFORMANCE DATES: Saturday 22 July 2017

    PERFORMANCE TIMES: 8pm - 8.30pm

    TICKET INFORMATION: Pay what you decide

    RESERVE TICKETS: Box Office 0161 833 9833 / online

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