Created by the Young Company Writers Group


  • A Royal Exchange Theatre Production
  • 21 July 2020 - 31 August 2020
  • On Tour / External

Since the beginning of May the Royal Exchange Young Company Writers Group, aged 17-22, have been working with Royal Exchange Theatre’s Dramaturg Suzanne Bell and playwright Joe Ward Munrow to develop their playwriting skills.

During this time they have created nine brand-new monologues inspired by the themes of human connection, joy, kindness and compassion. Written during Lockdown these unique monologues have been captured on film by award-winning professional actors and directors such as Julie Hesmondhalgh, Geraldine Somerville, Kudzia Sitima, Miranda Cromwell, Katy Rudd and Atri Banerjee.

These original short plays will be release on the Royal Exchange’s YouTube channel from Tuesday 21 July and will be available to watch for free until Monday 31 August.

Tuesday 21 July

MY PRINCESS by Jake Talbot
Directed and performed by Julie Hesmondhalgh

MAGNETIC by Bruno Quinney
Directed by Liz Stevenson, performed by Anthony Aje

ZEITGEIST by Elizabeth Logan
Directed by Nicola Miles-Wildin, performed by Amy Forrest

Wednesday 22 July 

FROM NEXT DOOR by Abigail Peszel (contains strong language) 
Directed by Bryony Shanahan, performed by Rhiannon Clements 

PALOMA by Iona Rainford-Miller
Directed by Miranda Cromwell, performed by Gabriela Garcia

SLOW COOKING by Elli Kypriadis
Directed by Atri Banerjee, performed by Maimuna Memon

Thursday 23 July

VALLEY OF THE MOON by Eleonora Leemhuis
Directed by Katy Rudd, performed by Norah Lopez-Holden

THE GARDEN by Beth Sami Wilkinson
Directed by Atri Banerjee, performed by Geraldine Somerville

A MOMENT BETWEEN STRANGERS by Noor Kabbani (contains strong language) 
Directed by Roy Alexander Weise, performed by Kudzai Sitima


If you enjoyed these monologues and feel able to support all of the work the Royal Exchange does then you can donate here or by texting '5ROYALEXC' '10ROYALEXC' or '20ROYALEXC' to 70085 to donate £5, £10 or £20

  • Performer

    Anthony Aje


    Amy Forrest


    Gabriela Garcia


    Geraldine Somerville


    Julie Hesmondhalgh


    Norah Lopez-Holden


    Kudzai Sitima


    Maimuna Memon


    Rhiannon Clements

    Young Company Writer

    Abigail Peszel

    Young Company Writer

    Beth Wilkinson

    Young Company Writer

    Bruno Quinney

    Young Company Writer

    Eleanora Leemhuis

    Young Company Writer

    Elizabeth Logan

    Young Company Writer

    Iona Rainford-Miller

    Young Company Writer

    Jake Talbot

    Young Company Writer

    Noor Kabbani

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