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  • By Arthur Miller
  • 18 September 2015 - 24 October 2015
  • The Theatre

"The Devil is alive in Salem, and we dare not quail to follow wherever the accusing finger points."

Betty Parris lies in a trance after a childish game spins out of control, and accusations of witchcraft are quickly manipulated by those with something to gain.  However, when false allegations reach fever pitch, the devout community of Salem descends into a cauldron of hysteria it can never return from.

Written in the 1950s when the insidious fear of communism gripped America, The Crucible is a devastating portrayal of the human cost of tyranny and vengeance. Director Caroline Steinbeis returns to the Royal Exchange following her sell out run in the Studio with Alistair McDowall's Bruntwood Prize-winning, Brilliant Adventures (2013).

"The Crucible was the first play I ever performed in a school, aged 12. Revisiting Miller over 20 years later, it is with shock and awe that I am shown again how close we all stand to the abyss; how quickly a group of people are blasted apart by revenge, greed and teenage reverie, and all for that moment when we give in to our innermost desires. What a huge challenge and what a pleasure to be making this production for the Royal Exchange." Caroline Steinbeis


  • Event Information
  • VENUE: The Theatre

    PERFORMANCE DATES: Friday 18 September - Saturday 24 October 2015

    Tuesday - Saturday evenings: 7.00pm
    Thursday & Saturday matinees: 2.00pm
    Extra Performances: Monday 21 September: 7.00pm, Sunday 4 October: 2.00pm and Wednesday 14 October: 5.00pm

    Standard Tickets from £16.00
    Half Price Previews from £7.75
    Banquette Seats: £10
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    BOOK TICKETS: Box Office: 0161 833 9833 / online

    RUNNING TIME: 3 hours and 10 minutes, which includes 1 interval of 20 minutes

    Fri 18/9/15 7:00PM THEATRE
    Sat 19/9/15 7:00PM THEATRE
    Mon 21/9/15 7:00PM THEATRE
    Tue 22/9/15 7:00PM THEATRE
    Wed 23/9/15 7:00PM THEATRE
    Thu 24/9/15 2:00PM THEATRE
    Thu 24/9/15 7:00PM THEATRE
    Fri 25/9/15 7:00PM THEATRE
    Sat 26/9/15 2:00PM THEATRE
    Sat 26/9/15 7:00PM THEATRE
    Tue 29/9/15 2:00PM THEATRE
    Wed 30/9/15 7:00PM THEATRE
    Thu 1/10/15 2:00PM THEATRE
    Thu 1/10/15 7:00PM THEATRE
    Fri 2/10/15 7:00PM THEATRE
    Sat 3/10/15 2:00PM THEATRE
    Sat 3/10/15 7:00PM THEATRE
    Sun 4/10/15 2:00PM THEATRE
    Tue 6/10/15 7:00PM THEATRE
    Wed 7/10/15 7:00PM THEATRE
    Thu 8/10/15 2:00PM THEATRE
    Thu 8/10/15 7:00PM THEATRE
    Fri 9/10/15 7:00PM THEATRE
    Sat 10/10/15 2:00PM THEATRE
    Sat 10/10/15 7:00PM THEATRE
    Sun 11/10/15 2:00PM THEATRE
    Tue 13/10/15 2:00PM THEATRE
    Wed 14/10/15 5:00PM THEATRE
    Thu 15/10/15 2:00PM THEATRE
    Thu 15/10/15 7:00PM THEATRE
    Fri 16/10/15 7:00PM THEATRE
    Sat 17/10/15 2:00PM THEATRE
    Sat 17/10/15 7:00PM THEATRE
    Sun 18/10/15 2:00PM THEATRE
    Tue 20/10/15 7:00PM THEATRE
    Wed 21/10/15 7:00PM THEATRE
    Thu 22/10/15 2:00PM THEATRE
    Thu 22/10/15 7:00PM THEATRE
    Fri 23/10/15 7:00PM THEATRE
    Sat 24/10/15 2:00PM THEATRE
    Sat 24/10/15 7:00PM THEATRE


  • Creative Team
  • WRITER Arthur Miller

    DIRECTOR Caroline Steinbeis

    DESIGNER Max Jones




    ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Kate Colgrave-Pope

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    AFTER SHOW DISCUSSION: Thursday 22 October after 7pm performance. More Information

    INTRODUCING WORKSHOP: Pre-show, talk-based introductions to each play and production, for up to 100 people. Thursday 1 & 15 October 10am - 11.30am. Tickets £6 per session / £4 concession. Book via 0161 833 9833 (individuals) or 0161 615 6702 (schools and groups) or online.

    BETWEEN THE LINES: Play reading and discussion group. Wednesday 7 October 11am - 1pm. Tickets £6 per session / £4 concessions. Book via Box Office on 0161 833 9833 or online.

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    EXPLORE WORKSHOPS FOR SCHOOLS Stimulating workshops tailored specifically to help your students explore this production. Explore workshops can take place at your school as well as at the theatre. Contact natalie.diddams@royalexchange.co.uk for more info

  • Accessible Performances
  • AUDIO-DESCRIBED: Saturday 10 October, 2.00pm


    CAPTIONED PERFORMANCE: Thursday 15 October, 7.00pm

    Click here for more information about our accessible performances 

  • Tituba

    Sarah Amankwah

    Thomas Putnam

    Paul Brightwell

    Ezekiel Cheever

    Christopher Chilton

    Francis Nurse

    David Collings

    Susanna Walcott

    Grace Cordell

    Giles Corey

    Sam Cox

    Marshall George Herrick

    Alastair Gillies

    Deputy Governor Thomas Danforth

    Peter Guinness

    Betty Parris

    Leah Haile

    Elizabeth Proctor

    Matti Houghton

    Reverend Samuel Parris

    Stephen Kennedy

    Mercy Lewis

    Pepter Lunkuse

    John Proctor

    Jonjo O'Neill

    Ann Putnam

    Mary Jo Randle

    Abigail Williams

    Rachel Redford

    Judge Hathorne

    Roy Sampson

    Reverend John Hale

    Tim Steed

    Rebecca Nurse

    Marjorie Yates

    Mary Warren

    Ria Zmitrowicz

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