Young Collective: How to Design a Theatre Space

A free workshop for Young Collective Members.

  • 18 May 2022
  • The Front Room
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How to Design a Theatre Space is now open to booking for Young Collective members.

Our YOUNG COLLECTIVE is a year long membership for ages 14-21. Members are able to book for FREE or DISCOUNTED workshops such as;

Intro to Acting, Stage Management, Set and Costume Design, Writing and more! The Young Collective is non-committal, and each member can sign up to whatever workshop interests them, which allows them to tailor their own learning. We have some amazing practitioners offering their knowledge and experience in the industry, so come on down and get signed up today!

How to Design a Theatre Space

Set design is all about creating a world and enviroment for characters to exist in. We'll be playing around with the various ways in which you can design a space, as well as using a white card model to conceptualise and format design ideas.


Memberships are £20 for the year and can be purchased online.

We offer Financial support to help with membership fees and travel costs through our Arts Pot scheme. Please fill in this simple form to apply for Arts Pot support. 

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