Blueprint for a Fun Palace

Working in partnersip with the national FUN PALACES initiative, Blueprint for A Fun Palace was a free mini project for audiences, inviting participants to redesign RET as a fun palace. 58 individuals attended sessions (including families, members of our World Wide Workshop, community projects, and the general public) exploring the vibe in the Hall, the programme, the appearance of the theatre, and much more besides. An exhibition of drawings, maps, writing and ideas curated by theatre designer Amanda Stoodley coincided with drop in activities for Fun Palace weekend..

Show & Tell

We invited the public to “join us in the Studio to find out what you, the audience, have had to say about theatre”. Once inside, visitors discovered a beautiful sound installation of audiences talking about why theatre matters to them – created by sound artist Eloise Whitmore; an exhibition of audience statements from artist Oliver East; and a Curious Cabinet by artist and maker Johnny Woodhams, for audiences to post their manifesto statements and other comments. Visitors were invited to attend a programme of discussions led by the University of Manchester, pop-up free events and invitations to take part in the debate and help us shape what happens next.

Theatre Café

Relaxed Performances

Platform Events and ‘In conversations’