Photo by Jonathan Keenan

As part of one of the leading theatre’s in the UK, Young Company members are able to receive mentoring from theatre staff as well as auditioning to be part of ensembles in main house productions.

Main House Ensembles
Members of the Young Company will have the opportunity to audition to be a part of the ensemble in main house productions at the theatre. This enables us to provide young people with the experience of working as professionals and as part of large scale productions. This year, members of the Young Company took on the roles of The Players in Hamlet and were also part of the ensemble for Scuttlers.

“Being cast in HAMLET is a big thing for me! I never expected that to happen. I’ve done nothing like it before and not only will I get to work alongside professional actors but I’ll get to perform to big audiences at each show! It’s also going to be interesting to see how things work in the run of a show.”

John Thaw Trainee Scheme
“The Royal Exchange is really opening doors for me…”

We are delighted to be continuing our partnership with the John Thaw Foundation in 2015 to enable us to offer individual training and mentoring to 6 young people from our Young Company. Since September 2012 the John Thaw Foundation has enabled us to offer creative bursaries to 18 young people.

The John Thaw Trainee scheme is designed to support young people who we feel have the potential to be the theatre-makers of the future, who have shown themselves to be both talented and reliable, and who may face barriers to taking part in some aspects of our programme. The young people selected as John Thaw Trainees will receive financial, pastoral and professional support from the Theatre in order to fully achieve their potential.

Over the course of the year, the trainees will take part in an individual training programme which includes regular workshops and exclusive access to rehearsals, master-classes and one to one mentoring to support their creative development.

“Being selected as a trainee shows that someone has belief in me. At the Royal Exchange, we’re treated like professionals and I feel part of a company.”

“So far my time at the Exchange has boosted my confidence and belief in myself. There is such a level of professionalism and you are demanded to push yourself. Being chosen as a trainee is a sense of relief, that my dreams and goals are achievable, even though I don’t come from a theatrical background.”