Our theatre is in the round, so seating is on all sides of the stage and on three levels. Stage Level is on the ground floor is accessible to all. 1st Gallery is via 1 flight of stairs and 2nd Gallery is via 2 flights of stairs. There is no lift to the galleries.

The colours below indicate ticket price band in the tables underneath. (Please note, we are offering socially distanced performances for all our autumn shows.)

Autumn Seating Plan

Autumn Seating Plan description for the website updatedAcross the seating plan, there are seats with the symbol i, representing more information:

Red i informationGreen i informationOrange i information Purple i informationSeats are high stools that need you to step up into them and they have back rests. 


If you require an Access seat, please complete our Access form. Once you've signed up, your account will be 'tagged' with the requirements needed to be able to book accessible seats online. If you need assistance booking tickets, please contact our Visitor Experience Team.

All Access seats are £15, including tickets for personal assistants/carers/companions

 Wheelchair Wheelchair spaces. You will only see this symbol if you have the wheelchair 'tag' on your account. All wheelchair spaces are located on Stage Level.

Blue Access star Access seats. You will only see this symbol if you have certain access 'tags' on your account.



The prices vary between shows. Almost all these seats will be available for just £7 for Under 30s. As a rough guide, you might expect the different seats to cost around…

D Row Stage LevelThese seats are generally around £27-£35 - they're on the ground floor and are not-too-far but also not-too-close to the performers.

Stage LevelThese seats are generally around £24-30 – they’re on the ground floor, in a range of positions, allowing you to be as close to the action as you choose.

First GalleryThese seats are generally around £21-£27 – they’re upstairs on the lower of our two galleries. They offer a great view of everything going on during a performance.

Second GalleryTheses seats are generally around £15-£20 – they’re upstairs on the higher of our two galleries, but still close enough to offer a fab vantage point.

PWYDSpread throughout the theatre, you can pick the seat and price that are right for you! The usual price range includes: £3, £5, £10, £15, £25, £50.
The default price is £10.


All Access seats are £15, including tickets for personal assistants/carers/companions.

Under 30s Tickets are just £7 for any show in the seating areas listed above. There is limited availability and ID is required for each ticket purchased. 

Community Group Discounts: A number of discounted tickets are available for local community groups working with those who may not otherwise have access to the Theatre. For more information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Only one discount is available per ticket.

Proof of ID may be required for discounts. 

When seating capacity reaches a certain level, some offers, concessions and discounts may not apply.

Ticket prices may vary for different performances according to demand.  

Please see our full Ticket Terms & Conditions