24:7 festival have been running a crowdfunding campaign, which has reached three-quarters of the target! Can you help them get more? 

As you may know, this is their FIRST target! "We set that figure because, to meet the requirements of Crowdfunder, we MUST get pledges for ALL of it before we get ANY of the money and we thought that figure was manageable. (Also, we didn't want to scare you...)

But, once we achieve the goal of £2,500, we don't really want to stop you pledging, because we get to keep all of the cash, whatever the total!" 

If you look on the Crowdfunder website, you'll see that, if they reach the first aim, it will be extended to the target of £7,500. 

The extra money will help programme additional activities to develop more people in more aspects of theatre-making, including being a producer or director, marketing and technical skills.

So CLICK HERE to make a pledge! More Information.