At the Royal Exchange Theatre we discover astonishing stories together


We change the way people see theatre, each other and the world around them.


We connect, and art is our vehicle. By experiencing theatre together or taking-part, we provide transformative points of connection and exchange, reminding us who we are and what we share with the people around us. And our role in bringing joy and entertainment to people is critical. Being an accessible world-class theatre and a thriving civic space is central to our vision. To achieve this, collaboration and partnership is paramount. We will shine a light on what is good in our society and will share stories that question what a better future looks like for all of us.

Values and Behaviours

We are invested in the people we work with and their values and behaviours. We want all our team to display and live by the following principles:

  • We take ownership of our own part and are accountable for our own decisions.
  • We trust others to be responsible for what they do, and how they do it, to drive the aims of RET and its future.
  • We will challenge people and practice, as well as support them, to achieve our aims especially in our active commitment to removing discrimination.
  • We will ask difficult questions, feel empowered to do so and give and receive feedback, even if it is difficult to say or hear.
  • This is vital for equality, diversity and inclusion.
  • We will be empathetic and demonstrate emotional intelligence.
  • We will apologise if we have done something wrong – and move on.
  • We will develop the appetite to learn and grow, so that we can be truly open to anyone and everyone.
  • We will be collaborative, flexible and adaptable in how we do things and get “stuck in” if we see others need help.
  • We will welcome innovation and show entrepreneurship where we can.