Part of Manchester’s year as European City of Science 2016, B!RTH is an international theatre festival bringing together leading voices from the world of science, art, academia, politics and charities, to question healthcare inequality.

Academics, scientists, artists and sponsors gathered in The Great Hall for the launch of B!RTH last Thursday, an international theatre festival, developed by the Royal Exchange and The Oglesby Charitable Trust, to provoke debate on a global scale and question one of the key issues of our time: the vast inequality in healthcare across the world.

Mike Og Birth

The Royal Exchange has commissioned seven leading female playwrights from across the globe: Brazil, China, India, Kenya, Syria, UK, USA, to explore this issue through their country’s approach to childbirth. Supported by leading Global Health Professionals such as Professor Mukesh Kapila and Professor Dame Tina Lavender, B!RTH will culminate in a series of theatrical events and debates at the Royal Exchange in October 2016.

prof Birth

'Childbirth is humanity’s universal experience – but why is it still a life-and-death lottery for millions of mothers and babies around the world? And what does this tell us about the world we are born into? The Royal Exchange Theatre invites us to look through the lens of childbirth to challenge the fundamental inequalities that distort our world.' Mukesh Kapila, CBE, Professor of Global Health and Humanitarian Affairs at The University of Manchester and advisor for B!RTH.

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Follow the project as it evolves: http://www.birthdebate.com/

Twitter: @BirthDebate