But you can see the World Premiere here first!




In the year that we are commemorating the centenary of the First World War, we bring you the World Premiere of the Bruntwood Prize Winning play BRITANNIA WAVES THE RULES - a play that brings the legacy of war right up to date.

Carl Jackson doesn’t fit in at home. He doesn’t fit in anywhere. So when he signs up for the army he sees it as a chance to escape the grim reality of life in Blackpool – a town where the illuminations highlight the best and worst elements of humanity.

But there are just too many battles to win them all, and when Carl finally comes home, it’s not as a hero but as a changed man, unable to escape the horrors of war.


BRITANNIA WAVES THE RULES runs for just 6 performances - 27 May – 7 June.

All tickets are £12 (Runs in repertoire with THE LAST DAYS OF TROY – book for both shows and get BRITANNIA WAVES THE RULES tickets for just £10 - subject to availability, excludes half price previews).

Box Office 0161 833 9833 royalexchange.co.uk/Britannia