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Look what's been going on at Costume Hire...

Success Story!

Here at Costume Hire we’re celebrating our most successful year to date. It’s been a fantastic 12 months, during which we’ve hired out more costumes to more people and more organisations than ever before. The news about our fantastic costumes and legendary customer service seems to be spreading ever more widely, and our new ‘Ready-to-go’ service, where, for a nominal extra charge, we prepare costumes for organisations so all they have to do is to call and collect them, has really taken off. (For more details see our other website pages).

Many thanks to both our new and our returning customers for their continuing support and custom. We hope that you’ll spread the word and help to make us even more successful next year!

After the Indian Summer…

It’s been the best September, weather-wise, after a very disappointing summer, but we’re facing up to the reality that it won’t last for ever, and in a few weeks’ time, the clocks will go back, and the dark nights will be upon us once more. So, we’ve thought up some ideas to make your Hallowe’en party (what do you mean, you aren’t having one? Anything’s worth it to enliven and lighten those seemingly endless nights – it’s a long time till spring!) go with a demonic swing.

Travel back in Time

Hallowe’en traditions go back to pagan times, so there’s no limit to the ideas for themes – or costumes – for your Hallowe’en celebration.

The Dark Ages might be your starting point if you want a theme with a difference, and we’ve no shortage of post-Roman to medieval outfits for hire, from velvet dresses and their amazing hats, head-dresses and veils, to fur-lined robes and embellished tunics.

There’s plenty of scope for setting your event in other eras where dark deeds, real or fictional, were the order of the day, too. Look no further than our current production of Arthur Miller’s ‘The Crucible’, with allegations of witchcraft at its very core. And what about Shakespeare’s devilish witches in ‘Macbeth’, the Pendle witches, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, the Machiavellian courts of past kings (think ‘Wolf Hall’)?

More modern fashion, too, owes much to Hallowe’en themes and images: steam punk, the punk of the 1970s, Goths - all would be great ideas for a party with a difference. We’ve costumes in colours from trad black to iconic purples, blood reds, pumpkin oranges, so you can colour it up as you wish. Or you could create a Vivienne Westwood-inspired outfit from pieces here at Costume Hire, with the help of Luda and her wonderful volunteer staff.

And, of course, we can do the traditional, with our hallmark creative twist which is so popular with returning clients. Why not vamp it up in Edwardian style? Demons? Devils? Ghosts? Look no further. The sky’s the limit as far as we’re concerned. If you have your own unique take on Hallowe’en, bring your dreams (or nightmares) to us, and we’ll do our best to make them a reality.

Saturday Opening

October Saturday opening dates are:
Saturday 10 October
Saturday 24 October
Saturday 31 October

Remember that Saturdays do get booked up very quickly, so be sure to book early. Opening times for Saturdays are from 10 am to 2 pm (last appointment).

And don’t forget that you can join in our success and see our costumes ‘in action’ on our Facebook pages. We’re sure you’ll be inspired!

Luda and the CH team.