The Royal Exchange Theatre are fully committed to putting young people at the centre of our DNA.

We are passionate about working with local schools, colleges, and educational establishments and develop a wide range of exciting and stimulating cultural opportunities to enhance the creative learning experiences of local young people. Enriching their experiences with theatre and bringing learning to life is at the forefront of our programme for young people.

We are aware that very often peoples first theatrical experience is usually with school or college. We want to make that an experience that will never be forgotten and hopefully encourage a lifelong bond with us and the wider theatre industry.

Throughout the year we offer a variety of projects, workshops and school partnerships to pique students interest in a career in theatre, providing young people with an opportunity to explore the wide variety of roles available in the arts sector. We hope that the skills and experiences they learn with us can be translated to other aspects of their life.

Our season long programme is filled with vibrant shows that run throughout the year and support learning in English, Drama, PHSE and across the Curriculum.

“We’re really grateful for the opportunities that you’re giving to us to attend the theatre this year. It’s become a talking point in our staff faculty that the tickets have been a perk of the course this year.”