This Autumn, schools from across Greater Manchester created a mathematical laboratory in the Lounge...

...full of secret messages and creative codes waiting to be cracked. Teachers and students worked with visual artist Katherine Warman to create artwork hiding creatively coded messages about equality. Using a cipher for the alphabet inspired by the Fibonacci sequence CREATIVE CODES links mathematical theory and art.

Inspired by BREAKING THE CODE, the artwork containing hidden messages was created by students in schools in Greater Manchester as part of a collaborative, school-led project called CREATIVE CODES aimed at supporting cultural education in the North West.

CreativeCodes 3

There have been 14 schools involved with the project, including Bridge College, Broadwalk PRU, Brownedge St Mary’s Catholic High School, Buile Hill Visual Arts College, Cheadle Hulme High School, Christ the King Primary School, Key Stage 3 PRU, Parrs Wood High School, St Ambrose Barlow RC High School, St Anne’s Academy, St Charles RC Primary School, Stockport School, Whalley Range High School, and Wellington High School.

Creative Codes Cryptography Event

Working in collaboration with The University of Manchester mathematics department, The CREATIVE CODES CRYPTOLOGY event brought together students from 4 schools across Greater Manchester. Students took part in a special code breaking competition, designed by the organisers of The Alan Turing Cryptography Competition. Teams had one hour to combine their mathematical prowess, cracking codes that had been set up around the theatre.

Congratulations to our winning team from Marple Hall School!