An intimate and beautifully comic play about risking it all and wearing your heart on your sleeve.

“I feel like my whole life’s on the toss of a coin.”

The house-warming’s over. The place is a mess, but Laura doesn’t give a toss, not even about the fag burn on the carpet; she has other things on her mind. She’s 38, single, and has just bought a ‘fancy’ one-bedroom flat, but she’s sick of being sensible. Tonight though, she has a feeling in her bones. Then there’s Danny, whose ‘radar’ is out of battery, ketchup on his work shirt and a peroni in his hand …just to calm his nerves.

In the post-party chaos, Laura and Danny slowly orbit each other – awkward moves, first dances, fish finger butties, embarrassing banter. Together they navigate infinite possibilities, and as night shifts into day, an unthinkable, impossible and life-changing opportunity becomes clear. Amongst the missteps and butterflies, there might just be…. a beginning?

Joint Artistic Director Bryony Shanahan directs this intimate, beautiful, funny play about risking it all and wearing your heart firmly on your sleeve. Beginning was a smash-hit when it premiered at the National Theatre in 2017.