For the last five years, the Arts Pot has been making theatre more accessible for people across Greater Manchester. 'If They Could See Me Now' tells the stories of some of the people whose lives have been changed by the donations to the fund.



'Whenever I walk into the theatre I always feel that I’m walking into a house with my family because it’s an inclusive environment. It never turns people away for gender, colour, religion or anything like that. If you’re worried about cost, Arts Pot can cover that and it’s a burden off you. You know that you can just come here and just work and be with people that you love and who loves the same things as you.'


'The Elders has opened up a whole new world to me. The friendships and the support. We don’t just come and spend two hours. We share. It’s so supportive. And what it does for your confidence is incredible. Whoever might struggle with the fees for whatever reason, it’s just no problem. If this is for you and fees would be a problem, don’t worry about it. The Arts Pot is absolutely fantastic.'


'I’ve been part of Flying Saucers for 3 years. It’s really fun to be around people I haven’t worked with before. It has made me more confident - It makes me feel better about performing. I get to be creative and I’ve made lots of friends! It’s a place where you can be yourself.'


'Young Company has given me a great mind set, to have fun and to 100% carry on with drama. It’s even helped me win a place at drama school. People should know that the Arts Pot really does help. If there are people who are interested and enthusiastic about theatre – they should look to the Arts Pot for support.'


'The Royal Exchange just has something special about it. It’s all about giving opportunities to people... I was having such a rubbish time at college, and then once like I started here I was like this is where I want to be. At the Royal Exchange, in Manchester, performing. I just - I don’t know... I feel like now, I could do anything... if I can do that then I can do anything!'


'I get quite emotional about the Royal Exchange because I’ve grown up and grown old with it. I felt Arts Pot was really for people who were on their knees, but it’s not. It’s just to make things a bit easier so you haven’t got to make choices, y’know. I wanted to show them getting old isn’t the end. It’s the beginning of another adventure. It is an adventure.'

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All photography by Anneka Morley