3 new plays over 3 days across 3 platforms.

Inside. Outside. Online.

SKRIKED is a theatrical experiment from the Royal Exchange Theatre Young Company created in response to The Skriker by Caryl Churchill.

Skriked2Descibed as ‘an experience. It gets inside people, it stalks the subconscious’, Churchill's play explores environmental crisis and our need to connect.   Taking this as a starting point, three Young Writers have written three new shorts plays.

Toxic by Kate Collins - Jodie is ready to put on a show. She wants revenge, and has enlisted Grace to help her get it. But Grace has other ideas.

Paper Cut by Johnny Lavin - For 15 years Hattie has been unhappy; unhappy at school, unhappy at home. But when she comes across an old tape, everything in her life slowly begins to change.

The Colossus by Daniel Wakefield - a girl wakes to find herself in a dystopian world. What has happened to the world around her? Or is it her who has changed?

The plays will be performed by an ensemble of performers from RXYC and directed by Matt Hassall. SKRIKED will be performed in a number of venues including an indoor performance at the Exchange, a series of outdoor performances in back gardens and an online performance on Monday 27 July. More information on this to follow shortly.

“We want to explode the notion of what conventional theatre-making and theatre-going is. We’ve taken a play that is loaded with dark starting points and created three pieces that encapsulate a distinct view of the world from a young person’s perspective. These will be created so that they can visit any space – with no technical elements, just the ensemble and the audience.  We are also really interested in exploring this relationship between the performers and the audience – there will be no divide and the audience will be at the heart of the experience. We’re taking the show to a number of locations – one of which will be online – to see whether theatre can be adaptable. The whole project is an experiment – some elements might be more successful than others, but that’s what makes it exciting!”

Written, performed, produced and managed by members of the Royal Exchange Theatre Young Company, SKRIKED is sure to be a unique and innovative piece of theatre. We are now looking for an audience. Come and be part of our experiment and prepare to be SKRIKED.