This spring Lily Cole will join us for The Last Days of Troy

Lily will play Helen of Troy in this new play by nationally acclaimed poet and author Simon Armitage. This production runs from Thursday 8 May - Saturday 7 June.

This new version of THE ILIAD is the story of two countries moving towards war - how conflict starts in a petty way and then escalates at a great cost to human life. Told through the eyes of Achilles, this fast-paced piece of story-telling culminates in the legendary tale of the Trojan Horse.

You can book tickets to see Lily in THE LAST DAYS OF TROY here.

After playing at the Royal Exchange Theatre THE LAST DAYS OF TROY will transfer to Shakespeare's Globe.

Lily has also starred in The Moth Diaries, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, Passages and There Be Dragons.