Elders Company member, Marianne Downes, responds to her experience of THE SPACE BETWEEN US, an intergenerational performance, which premiered in the Studio in February

The Space Between Us

Our breath mingles, is noisy. Our chair is our refuge. We circle around the space and I feel a closeness as we all collapse, melting to the grey floor.

A guitar soars through my headphones. Holding and hugging them to my ears, I feel joy as I listen to Waterfall – remembering laughter in a moment long past. Lines of the song linger in my head.

The microphone scares me, because beyond the spotlight’s glare, there is a deep purple darkness, into which I am speaking words of emotion I haven’t revealed even to myself. I feel myself blush. A reflective moment that means the game’s up!

My favourite moment? When, as one entity, our bodies create swirls of arms and hands that come together under a yellow spotlight, before we break away, but remain in unison until we melt for the last time.

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