What do you get if you cross all of the words of Margaret Thatcher's public speeches with all of the words of every top ten hit by a female artist from the 80s? Find out this this week in The Studio...

Drag out your Lycra, your legwarmers and your Greenham Common Songbook and join Mars.tarrab for a hilarious evening as they desperately try to understand pop culture, politics, the power of love and what the 80s ever did for us.

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Everything Theatre           Female Arts                      Exeunt

'It’s a simultaneous punch to the gut and the funny bone, with a queasy aftertaste of discomfort.' Catherine Love, Exeunt

'A combination of playful absurdity and questing rigour…bubbles with excitement and a relentless, restless energy…a joy.' Matt Trueman

This is the 1980s like you've never seen them before. Or...exactly like you saw them before.

The Studio
Thursday 9 - Saturday 11 April at 7.30pm
Tickets £12 / £10
Book via the Box Office on 0161 833 9833 or online