Our costumes are not only on our stage this Christmas but around other venues too!


Why not join the many people who are adding spice to Christmas this year by hiring one of our wonderful costumes for your party or get-together? Victorian costumes are proving to be great winners with our clients – after all, who doesn’t love the swagger of a tailcoat and silver-topped cane, or the swish of a taffeta dress? Remember that we have costumes from a very wide range of periods and that our rates, which are for the complete outfit, are unbelievably reasonable.

We all know that Elvis was King, and now his ex-wife Priscilla is appearing at Manchester’s Opera House as the Wicked Queen in ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarves’. Watch out for the film of the panto, which features not only Priscilla but also our amazing reproduction coronation crown, as worn in the theatre’s 2013 production of Marlowe’s ‘Edward II’. Stunning!

On a slightly darker note, look at our Facebook Page for the link to a music video featuring our Victorian costumes. ‘Jack’, the debut single from Rivertairs, is, unsurprisingly, about Jack the Ripper – worth a watch, but maybe after Christmas Eve!

But if you can’t find an excuse to wear one of our outfits, you will at least have the chance to see them as you relax with your mulled wine and mince pie. CBeebies are making their film of ‘Peter Pan’ (recorded in Salford in October) the centrepiece of their Christmas schedule and our costumes will be centre-stage in the scenes with the deadly Captain Hook and his pirates, so keep a watch out for them, and for CBeebies regulars such as Justin Fletcher (‘Justin’s House’, ‘Something Special’).