Who are you? Where have you come from? Where are you going?

We are each made up of so many stories, one street in M8 could hold a whole novel!

Stories connect us with each other. They teach us new things. Stories make us laugh, they make us cry, they make us feel lucky to be alive!

What’s your story? And how would you share it?

We’re looking for people to help us share and celebrate these stories, and your own, with the rest of M8 during Cheetham Fest in October.

We will be using creative methods to connect with and re-tell these stories over a series of 10 workshops, starting in August.

We’ll have a go at all sorts and we don’t know what the result will look like yet, so you don’t need any experience to get involved – just a willingness to try new things and support each other in having fun!

We’d be really excited to have you on board! Apply now.


Please note, the sessions have now changed to Thursday evenings.

Wednesday 6th 6-8pm (as normal)
Thursday 14th September 6-8pm
Thursday 21st September 6-8pm
Thursday 28th September 6-8pm
Thursday 5th October 6-8pm
Thursday 12th October 6-8pm