As part of the Gaden Ngari Tour 2017, you can witness for free, the beautiful creation of a sacred sand mandala painting here at the Royal Exchange Theatre

Opening Ceremony - Saturday 26 August 10am
Mandala Construction - Saturday 10am - 6pm & Sunday 11am - 4.30pm
Closing Ceremony - Sunday 27 August 3pm
The Royal Exchange Great Hall
FREE and everyone welcome

Sand Mandala Monks

The monks are based in the Gaden Ngari Khangtsen Monastery, exiled in Mundgod, India. The purpose of the tour is to raise awareness of ancient Tibetan culture and traditions and engage with communities around the globe to promote world peace.

From all the artistic traditions of Tantric Buddhism, that of painting with coloured sand ranks as one of the most unique and exquisite. 

In Tibet this art is called dul-tson-kyil-khor, which literally means “mandala of coloured powders.” Millions of grains of sand are painstakingly laid into place on a flat platform over a period of days or weeks. Formed of a traditional prescribed iconography that includes geometric shapes and a multitude of ancient spiritual symbols, the sand-painted mandala is used as a tool for re-consecrating the earth and its inhabitants.

Traditionally most sand mandalas are deconstructed shortly after their completion. This is done as a metaphor of the impermanence of life. The sands are swept up and placed in an urn; to fulfill the function of healing, half is distributed to the audience at the closing ceremony, while the remainder is carried to a nearby body of water, where it is deposited. The waters then carry the healing blessing to the ocean, and from there it spreads throughout the world for planetary healing.

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