Originally commissioned by the Royal Exchange Theatre THE LAST DAYS OF TROY, Simon Armitage's dramatisation of Homer's The Iliad and The Aeneid, is redirected with the original Royal Exchange Theatre cast by Susan Roberts (Black Roses: The Killing of Sophie Lancaster) for BBC Radio 4. The first of a two-part dramatisation airs this Sunday 11 January at 3pm with the second part coming a week later!

The Greeks are laying siege to Troy to win back their abducted queen, Helen. But as the conflict drags on, and despite battlefields scarlet with blood, opposing forces have reached a bitter stalemate. Desperate and exhausted, both Gods and mortals squabble amongst themselves for the spoils of war and the hand of victory. 

* * * *
'The real strength of Armitage's play lies in its ability to encapsulate key Homeric events...uses prose with absolute precision and his dialogue is sinewy, alert and speakable. It all makes for a very good evening.'
The Guardian