We want to make sure theatre is accessible to everyone

We want to make sure access to theatre is for ALL and that no one is excluded from participating, creating or engaging with activities because of financial barriers.

Arts Pot is a year-round fund that enables people to access projects with The Royal Exchange Theatre and makes it possible for amazing connections to be made and for brilliant minds to meet.

Each year after the Christmas show, we ask audiences to give what they can to the Arts Pot. For the last eight years, Arts Pot has been making theatre more accessible for people across Greater Manchester.

As we enter the first day of Advent, we want to share stories from just a few of our recipients who have benefitted from the fund…

Patricia, Elders Company Member said...
"I’m on a very limited income as I’m not able to work presently. The theatre has helped me get my life back and made me feel valued. Without it I would struggle. This has done wonders for my self-esteem. I really love being part of the Elders sessions. It’s a main event in my life now, if it wasn’t there, I’d really miss it.
I can’t thank you enough for my arts pot and making this possible for me. Thank you."

Anna, Parent said...
"My son, who has complex special needs, was a member of the Children’s Company at the Royal Exchange Theatre. Through Arts Pot, the Company were able to provide specialist one-to-one support to enable him to fully access the work of the Children’s Company and to perform twice at the theatre. This is inclusivity at its best. He was able to engage and learn from a range of artists and other (mixed ability, neuro-typical and neuro-diverse) children. This helped his social skills, verbal and comprehension skills, confidence, imagination and articulacy.

I have seen as a parent the positive impact that the arts, and specifically the Royal Exchange, has had on the mental health and emotional well-being of my son and other young people. As a family with a child with complex special needs we are often isolated from wider support networks, group activities and wider society. We can rarely access many of the opportunities afforded to other children. Through Arts Pot, the Royal Exchange is able to lead the way in inclusivity through its engagement with young people who have a range of access needs and disabilities. This has a hugely positive impact not only on my son but on our entire family.

As we emerge from this stressful time, young people, more than ever, are going to need the support of creativity and the arts to support their mental and emotional well-being. The Royal Exchange is a beacon of hope in this time and cannot be lost to future generations in Manchester."

Louis, Young Company Member said...
"The Arts Pot allowed me to access the Royal Exchange Young Company which I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to pay for. It also allowed me to watch a broad range of shows for free and as a result saw people who represented me on stage. I made amazing friends through the Young Company and was taught by directors whom I learnt very valuable things from. The Exchange also helped me get into my drama school training and access a scholarship to complete this training. "

Without our seasonal bucket collections this year, every donation towards the Arts Pot is more important than ever before.

To help us open more doors this Christmas, please consider giving a little gift by donating to the fund, it could go a long way.

Visit our website page or to donate now by text: '5ARTSPOT' '10ARTSPOT' or '20ARTSPOT' to 70085 to donate £5, £10 or £20.