Over the last two months, our Young Company have joined forces with our Elders’ Company to create FLICKER AND THE FLYING BOOKS; a new show for children aged 3 – 8 and their grown-ups as part of the Manchester Children’s Book Festival.

With the first performance only days away, our Young Communicators have interviewed Abigayle Bartley from the cast to find out more about the show…

- What are the challenges and opportunities of making a play from scratch?
One of the main and probably most obvious challenges was creating the ideas to begin with. Just from the title, we had to create the whole piece. But that was also what has made it fun and original - experimenting and playing games to create the moments. It's interesting and exciting creating something brand new that no-one will have ever seen before.

FlickerRehearsal3- What has been interesting about making a show for children?
One of the most interesting things about creating a show for children was knowing that we are creating theatre for a specific audience, a different audience. Rather than creating pieces which deals with quite heavy issues such as those studied at A Level and GCSE, it is refreshing to be involved in a piece which is light and entertaining.

- What has your role in the process been?
Alongside performing and devising with the others involved from the Young Company and Elders' Company to create the ensemble, I have also written some of the music which has been a fun and interesting experience. It was a challenge to write a song for a specific audience around a specific theme, however staging it with the rest of the group was brilliant.

- What character do you play? And what are they like?

I play 'Bex' who is a part of the community of 'B' characters, who open the play all exclaiming they are 'too busy' to do anything, like reading. I am also one in the group of 'flying books' who bring a cheeky and mischievous element to the play.

- What has it been like working with the Elders Company?
Working with the Elders' Company has been a very positive experience. It has been brilliant to meet new people, and not just young people, involved in theatre. It's has also been very interesting to hear their ideas and work with them and what they have brought to the project.

- If you could describe the experience in three words, what would they be?
Lively, unique and refreshing

Part of the Manchester Children’s Book FestivalFLICKER & THE FLYING BOOKS is a theatrical caper for Children aged 3-8 and their grown-ups. More Information.