Maggie’s is a cancer charity set up by Maggie Keswick Jencks who lived with advanced cancer for two years. Maggie’s Centres are built around her belief that people should not “lose the joy of living in the fear of dying”.

In January 2016, coinciding with our production of WIT, there will be a Maggie's Centre opening in Manchester, which will be part of The Christie. And we are delighted to be working with Maggie's to support their #MaggiesKitchenTable campaigns to raise awareness of the new centre.


The ethos behind the tables is that:

At the heart of every Maggie’s Centre is a kitchen table...
- It’s a place to sit and read; a place or talk to other people; a place to find support from professional experts.
- You can walk into Maggie’s at any time, make yourself a cup of tea and sit down at the kitchen table to think, talk, laugh, cry or simply take a quiet moment.
- You’re always welcome at our kitchen table; it’s a place for everyone.

Maggie’s provides free practical, emotional and social support to people with cancer and their family and friends, following the ideas about cancer care originally laid out by Maggie Keswick Jencks.

Built in the grounds of NHS cancer hospitals, Maggie’s Centres are places with professional staff on hand to offer the support people need.

The Centres are places to find practical advice about benefits and eating well; places where qualified experts provide emotional support; places to meet other people; places where you can simply sit quietly with a cup of tea.

The first Maggie’s Centre opened in Edinburgh in 1996 and since then Maggie’s has continued to grow, with 17 Centres at major NHS cancer hospitals in the UK, online and abroad.